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The Mindset Queen: Gabriela Luersen – Rapidly Growing Women’s Businesses and Life Worldwide

The Mindset Queen: Gabriela Luersen - Rapidly Growing Women’s Businesses and Life WorldwideGabriela LuersenIn this article, Mindset Queen, Gabriela Luersen talks about how she helps women and their businesses grow. And shows why her proven track record speaks for itself.

“Think like a queen. A queen is not afraid to fail. Failure is another stepping stone to greatness.” – Oprah Winfrey.

An average person only sees failure as it is. But an empowered woman with a “Queen’s Mindset” is different. She sees failure as a whole new opportunity to be great, a step closer to achieving her dreams in business or life. That’s what Gabriela Luersen’s coaching program is all about. 

Keep reading to learn more about Gabriela and what she does best.

Who Exactly is Gabriela Luersen?

Globally renowned mindset coach Gabriela Luersen is the founder of Empowering Female Minds - the movement which already impacted thousands of women worldwide. Through her mindset program, she aims to be an international reference on women’s empowerment.

Born and raised in Brazil but calls Australia her home. She had traveled through many countries around the world, and she speaks five languages. Gabriela had been obsessed with psychology ever since she was a teenager and had never stopped being curious about the human mind, even in the present.

With more than a decade of study in human behavior, gone through University, and being a certified NLP Master Practitioner, Gabriela has made a massive difference in women’s lives worldwide. Not to mention, her Mindset Mastery Program combines various psychological methodologies to change women’s lives and help them reach their business goals and lifelong dreams. She said, “I empower women with confidence so they can go out there and make their business dreams come true.”

Empowered Woman

Gabriela’s coaching program had changed many women’s lives. It created a culture of elite women who have a “Queen’s Mentality” and possess characteristics of an empowered woman. According to her, these are the traits that an empowered woman possesses: 

  • She knows who she is, her qualities, and how to use them in her favor. 
  • She dresses up and down for herself. When she wants it and how she wants it. 
  • Her standards of herself are high. And she somehow always manages to outdo herself.
  • She does not need a man or a woman to be happy. Even if she loves to surround herself with them.
  • She knows where she's going. She's a doer, a dreamer, a thinker. If she wants it, she gets it.
  • She does not rely on anyone. Independency is essential for her.
  • She knows when to say no, when to walk away when it is time to let go. She puts herself first.
  • She loves and laughs away. She has a life balance and cares for herself.
  • She is proud of herself, and she loves being a woman.
  • She never settles; she’s always looking for improvement.

But it doesn’t stop there; her program made a community wherein women gain unlimited support from like-minded individuals who wants to become the best version of themselves and grow their brand or business with ease.

"Women have been playing small for too long. Society brews women to feel insecure and unwanted. I am changing that. The more confident women we have, the more we can impact and change this world into a better place. I'm here to make sure that happens and, with that, create an immense impact. Every woman that comes my way gets the results she came in for and is never the same again," Gabriela said in her confidence activation 7-day program. 

Proven Track Record

One of her clients commented, "Gaby is a powerhouse; she never stops. Truly inspiring. Her program changed my life and my business in ways I never thought were possible. I am the most confident I have ever been." Another satisfied client said, "I went from lost to focus. Gabriela's coaching helped me understand a lot about myself. My triggers, my patterns, my limitations but most important my assets. Thanks to her, I see life through a completely different perspective."

Indeed her proven track record turned people’s life around and changed them for the better. But, she wouldn’t have done it without going through extreme challenges herself throughout her life. This aspect of Gabriela helps her to connect with her clients and allows each one to see their self-worth and gradually help them develop their “Queen’s Mentality” and be the queens they were born to be.

To learn more about Gabriela’s remarkable coaching services, visit her website, and follow her social media pages. Or join her Queens' Hub, a group of like-minded women who supports each other to achieve their business dreams.

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