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Ubetalk App Launches to Provide an Anonymous, Empowering Communications for Drivers

A text communication app ready to revolutionize how drivers on the road stay in contact.

(PRUnderground) August 18th, 2021

A new communication platform for drivers, Ubetalk, has come to the Apple App store, and it is poised to revolutionize the way that people on the road stay in contact.

Taking inspiration from the CB radios used by truckers in the past, Ubetalk is a voice and text communication app meant to be used by anyone on the road, including people that are working for Lyft, DoorDash, Uber, Amazon, FedEx, Limo, bus, and truck companies.

Pronounced YOU-BEE talk, this new app is designed to give regular people a platform to chat with nearby drivers. In doing so, the app developer hopes to facilitate stimulating communications between people sharing the road.

Best of all, the app is free to download and install on Apple phones, iPod Touches, and iPads.

Ubetalk allows people to tune into a proximity-based communications setting where every person can freely talk with others. One of the guiding principles in the app’s inception was providing a way to help drivers broach the topic of workers’ pay, expectations, and safety.

That way, if a driver from a rideshare company wants to see if the grass is greener doing long-haul trucking, they can consult a nearby trucker to see what their lifestyle is like. Moreover, people in the same industry but representing different companies can compare wages without risking their employment. Getting real-time, honest opinions about other driving jobs can benefit rideshare workers, freight workers, and many others.

The app comes with the added benefit of anonymity, so people who share messages in the app can talk to others without anyone else knowing. The messages on the app are never saved; all communications are deleted between the time a user closes the app and reopens it.

The local elements of the application are highly beneficial to drivers, giving them the means to identify road hazards, tell incoming drivers to avoid an area with construction, or potentially warn others about misbehaving customers in a certain spot. Being a driver on the road can be lonely as well as hazardous; it’s a good idea to have extra pairs of eyes looking out for trouble.

While the app can serve some important, potentially life-saving functions, the fact of the matter is that the developer also designed this app for fun. Chatting in this app can give people a way to let loose while waiting or say something funny. You could potentially make someone’s night special with the gift of laughter.

With so many long waits between customers, whether you are getting your truck unloaded or waiting for the bars to close for fares, many opportunities will arise to use the service. An easier, safer, and more effective means to reach out to the greater driving community has never been attempting before, and the app is welcoming everyone that can make use of the service.

Although the app is only available on iOS, an Android version of the app is in the works and set to be announced in the near future.

To download the free app in the Apple App Store, go to An Android version will be released in the near future.

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Ubetalk is a communication platform for drivers.

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