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Legal Medical Consulting Releases Article Series on Expert Witnesses

Dallas-based company Legal Medical Consulting has just released a new article series on expert witnesses. For more information, visit

DALLAS, TEXAS, UNITED STATES, June 30, 2021 / -- Legal Medical Consulting is a medical legal consultancy in Dallas TX with 34 years of knowledge and experience working with more than 133 hospitals, 265 ambulatory surgery centers and 23 publications. It has recently launched a series of blog posts and articles revolving around the topic of medical expert witnesses. They have given the explanation, need, and importance of such people in various medical malpractice cases.

The writeups explain in detail what expert witnesses are, which are mostly doctors, surgeons, physicians, nurses or other licensed medical professionals who have the qualifications and experience to testify in court of law on a specific medical case. Medical expert witnesses get hired for a variety of reasons. A medical witness gets called when a jury needs to understand technical or scientific data relevant to the case. Attorneys and lawyers frequently use them for medical negligence and injury claims. The findings of a medical expert witness can assist lawyers in understanding and assessing the case validity before taking legal action. As the case moves forward to discovery and trial, expert opinion and testimony are critical.

But what is an expert testimony? It is proof founded on sufficient facts, evidence, or data gathered using credible strategies and procedures. If the expert's technical, scientific, or other specialized knowledge aids the trier of fact in determining truth or evidence in the case, the witness can testify in the type of a viewpoint. Professionals can testify when their specialized knowledge supports the judge or jury, according to Rule 702 of the Federal Rules of Evidence.

Furthermore, a medical expert witness should translate technical and scientific terms into layperson's terms, allowing the court to comprehend the events of the case. To qualify for "expert status," a medical expert witness must state his or her opinions with reasonable healthcare certainty. A witness is someone who assists the judge and jury in reaching a fair decision in the case. The analyst explains the victim's injury, the source of his or her suffering and pain, and other issues. The expert's testimony contains all of the necessary information. Besides that, they get hired to link indications to the defendant. In such a case, they use scientific methods or procedures to ascertain or prove the defendant's liability for the damage caused.

Legal Medical Consulting has qualified, licensed, and skilled medical expert witnesses who can explain medical procedures and testify in court about what occurred that resulted in damages. These highly professional individuals have launched this series of articles on Medical Witnesses based on their knowledge and expertise.

Dr. Rusty McNew is the Managing Partner of the company. He possesses exceptional clinical and executive-level experience and knowledge in the healthcare field, collaborating with legal departments on medical negligence diagnosis, therapy, obstetrics, treatment, and supervising cases. Dr. McNew has written twenty books on medical malpractice prevention and clinical guidelines. Physicians, healthcare executives, attorneys, and health insurers have all used these strategies to great success. The professional assures that the company provides all forms of legal support backed by scientific claims. He says, “We recognize, synthesize, incorporate, analyze, and communicate pertinent health records and healthcare operations on your case using our knowledge and expertise.”

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