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Rekindle Your Relationship With God With Naquita Rae Rivas

The author believes success is finding a place in God’s undeniable love

(PRUnderground) June 9th, 2021

When it feels like the world is against us, and we feel unworthy of love and success, Unwavering Success with Naquita Rae Rivas, now on Amazon, guides us on the path to healing our spiritual connection with God.

Naquita Rae Rivas is a successful business owner and entrepreneur with a passion for health and wellness. As a professional cosmetologist, she listens to peoples’ deepest secrets, dreams, goals, beliefs, and opinions while transforming their hair, nails, and self-confidence. When she experienced God’s undeniable love, she became more compassionate, empathic, and loving, saying: “I silenced my mind long enough to ask God, ‘Please heal my heart.’ I took responsibility for my crusty attitude and began the journey of forgiveness.”

Unwavering Success is a journey of healing and forgiveness. It’s a journey that helps readers harmoniously unite their mind, body, and soul into the pure love of God. By accepting God into our life, Rivas believes that we can face every hardship and challenge with a sense of peace.

“It is not about religion; it is about a personal relationship with our Creator. It is about being vulnerable and confessing our hearts’ aches and joys,” says Rivas.

When we realize that God sees us all as his children, Rivas says we’ll stop comparing ourselves to others, allowing us to begin our journey towards forgiving ourselves and those around us. Inviting all readers to connect with their God, Unwavering Success will touch their hearts and stir their souls, bringing them closer to their Creator.

“Naquita is the epitome of consistency. We met as college kids and experienced a whirlwind of firsts, venturing out on our own. We eventually went on different paths like so many of us do. Throughout many seasons, through growth, maturity, and distance, she remains the person that I continue to love. She listens with intent and openness and is a fountain of charisma and optimism. A woman of God, and that really shines through her words and actions. She is the kind of person that can make a lasting connection with every single person in a room, and I am extremely grateful for her friendship!” — Testimonial by Stella, Mother, and Entrepreneur.

“A lot of people define success in terms of big houses, fancy cars, glitz, and glamour. Naquita Rivas has a different standard: enjoying the freedom to do what she loves while surrounded by people she loves. By focusing her energy on the things that truly matter to her—faith, friendship, family, and doing her best work every single day—Naquita has achieved a level of personal success and satisfaction that many people seek (and fail to find) their entire lives. Helping others lead better, happier, more beautiful lives has given her the power to multiply her own joy and prosperity. Naquita is an exceptional stylist, but more importantly, she is an exceptional human being with a great story to tell.” — Testimonial by Lisa Meranda, Owner of Cherry Cement Salon.

Reignite your relationship with God with Unwavering Success with Naquita Rae Rivas, available on Amazon.

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