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‘Don’t Think Outside the Box, Think Like There Is No Box’ Is the Message of Lori Ryan’s New Book

The author believes success is changing the way we think

(PRUnderground) May 18th, 2021

Boundless Success with Lori Ryan, available on Amazon, encourages the reader to go against the parameters that guide their decisions, actions, and values. By rewiring the way we think, Ryan believes we can live a life of abundance.

Ryan is an independent consultant specialized in implementing full-scale technology and business transformations across multiple industries. Her successful hands-on approach is backed by her academic achievements. She has completed her master’s work in International Development, holds a post-grad degree in Information Technology and a Project Management Professional designation.

As a business leader aiming to help more people reach their potential, she recently joined the Network Marketing industry, saying: “What if there was another way of thinking? What if we got up every day, making decisions, choices, and goals based on thinking that there was NO box? Our ideas would be limitless. Just imagine that freedom! A clean slate. The possibilities would be endless. No assumptions. No constraints. No biases.”

The book’s message is simple — if we change our thought patterns, we can live a life of success. To unlock our full potential, Ryan recommends three things. First, we must open our minds to new ways of thinking. Second, we must think that everything is possible. Finally, we need to take action.

“You all have the ability to think like there is no box — to manifest abundance with the right thought processes. The only thing holding you back is you. Be brave. Be courageous. Be your own superhero. Take the first step, and I promise that every step forward after that will get easier and easier,” said Ryan.

Changing how we think takes time, but Ryan is a firm believer that we can fulfill our goals by getting out of our comfort zone. This doesn’t mean forgetting our concept of what’s right and wrong but simply evolving to reach a higher potential.

“When I look over Lori’s career, family, and personal life for the past decade, there is only one word that comes to mind: Resiliency. Not the traditional definition of resiliency, meaning to withstand adversity, but rather how Lori is able to evolve from tragedies and complications. Lori isn’t about bouncing back from the challenges in her life, but rather she is about taking them on and bouncing forward. Lori has used her passion for life, love for her children, and a true respect for herself to get to where she is today. It is her tenacity for living her best life that makes all those around her better people. Lori is fresh air in a world of confusion and ambiguity. I feel truly fortunate to be on this life journey with Lori, my friend and colleague.” Testimonial by Laurel Sim, Entrepreneur; Partner, Taleo Projects; International Speaker.

“Lori is an open and gregarious individual. Her personality and leadership style put people at ease and allows them to contribute and flourish. She is always willing to venture into unchartered waters and embrace change and new opportunities. In the face of adversity, whether professional or personal, she will take a step back and look for new ways to move forward and accomplish her goals. She doesn’t just have ideas, she follows through and implements them, which is one of the many qualities that set her apart from others. Lori is a wonderful role model for all who know her, and I can’t wait to see what her next new venture will be!”Testimonial by Sonia Del Guercio, Independent Consultant.

Boundless Success with Lori Ryan is available for purchase on Amazon.

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