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The Release of Kingdee Cloud Cosmic 3.0 Empowers Digital Capability Engine

SHENZHEN, China, Nov. 23, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- On November 6th, at Kingdee Cloud Global User Conference, Kingdee International Software Group Company Limited ("Kingdee" or the "Group"; stock code: 00268.HK) released a strategic product --- Kingdee Cloud Cosmic 3.0. It was revealed that this is the biggest update to Kingdee Cloud Cosmic since it was officially released on August 8th, 2018. In more than two years, Kingdee Cloud Cosmic has experienced the practice from more than 200 large corporate clients and covers the application upgrade of the technology such as ABCDI. With the leading cloud native technology and data platform architecture, the enterprise business capability is empowered with data, which redefines the enterprise operation capability, and enables the enterprises to transform from ERP stage to EBC stage in a more stable, faster, and better way. At present, Kingdee Cloud Cosmic has become the best practice of EBC landing in Chinese enterprise market

With more stable, faster, and better PaaS platform, as well as comprehensive, completed, and fruitful SaaS applications, Kingdee Cloud Cosmic 3.0 enables enterprises to empower digital capabilities and transform from ERP to EBC. According to Zhao Yanxi, at the PaaS level, Kingdee Cloud Cosmic 3.0 will provide more reliable enterprise-level cloud native version, integrated low-code family, enterprise-level data service platform and supply-chain data platform. The enterprise data service platform includes data pool, data platform and data application, in order to build data-driven capability engine and provide data-driven capability for enterprises. At the SaaS level, Kingdee Cloud Cosmic 3.0 provides more comprehensive SaaS applications, including Finance Cloud, Human Resources Cloud, Procurement Cloud, Omni-Channel Marketing Cloud, Supply Chain Cloud and Manufacturing Cloud. In the meanwhile, Kingdee Cloud Cosmic 3.0 accelerated the development of applications in the industries including Real Estate Cloud, Construction Cloud, etc.

New SaaS Applications were Added to Build Mature SaaS Solutions

At the SaaS level, Kingdee Cloud Cosmic 3.0 has richer and more comprehensive SaaS applications, providing all-round budget management, fund management and tax management, and additional Manufacturing Cloud, Retail Cloud and Data Service Cloud. In terms of financial accounting, it abstracts the capability of data platform, provides an accounting engine, adds the application of intra-group transactions, supports the reconciliation and offset of accounts to issue "The Group's Only Account", and also provides tools such as external audit and settlement monitoring. In the aspect of strategic financing, a comprehensive budget application of Enterprise Performance Cloud was released, which can be used to carry out comprehensive budget management from business to financing based on multi-dimensional budget engine. It also released the payment schedule of the fund cloud, fund forecast, intelligent account checking and other enterprise fund management tools with intelligence as the core factor. In addition, Kingdee Cloud Cosmic 3.0 also launched the application of Project Cloud, Collaboration Cloud, etc., to reshape business, expand boundaries and empower digital capabilities of large enterprises by digital technology.

Low-code Family was Released, Integration of Code Promotes Deep Integration between Business and IT

The integrated development of low-code will explore productivity comprehensively and set off the nationwide process of IT innovations, thus greatly improving the agility, responsiveness, and innovation ability of the organization. On the basis of the original low-code development platform, low-code family is formed by focusing on PaaS services such as low-code data analysis, AI, process, integration and blockchain. This means that business units can build and customize their own solutions, greatly improving organizational agility, responsiveness and innovation.

More than 100 large customers are using the low-code family of Kingdee Cloud Cosmic PaaS platform, and the information department is evolving from being a technology factory to a strategic service provider for business innovation.

Release Data Service Platform, Build Intelligent Data Engine

Enterprise data service platform includes data pool, data center and data application, as to provide enterprises with data-driven capabilities. More than 1,800 enterprise customers support access to more than 20 heterogeneous data sources and realize embedding of more than 200 business scenarios. On the basis of data intelligence service of Kingdee Cloud Cosmic PaaS, Kingdee Cloud Cosmic Data Platform is released to provide basic engine, data exchange, data development, data assets, label center, data service and other data service capabilities to the vast enterprise customers, and to build intelligent data engine through unified data model of enterprise level.

To activate the vitality of the data through the data platform, and to make the data visible, available and operational, it aims to build a strategic system of "Business Digitalization - Data Capitalization - Asset Valued", and finally achieve the goal of business intelligence.

The Launch of Kingdee Cloud Cosmic GPaaS Platform Strengthened the GPaaS Capability System

Through the construction and practice of the enterprise cloud native ability for many years, Kingdee Cloud Cosmic GPaaS Platform has managed and operated 86 cluster nodes, more than 800 management nodes and nearly 2500 Pod's public cloud container resource management. Under the private cloud subscription scenario, more than 30 enterprise customers have adopted Kingdee Cloud Cosmic GpaaS to build their own cloud native architecture system, and to provide reliable and agile environment for enterprise customers.

The official release of this GPaaS platform first focuses on the most concerned capabilities of enterprise customers, such as container service, API gateway, monitoring service, logging service, control platform and operation platform. The capability system of Kingdee Cloud Cosmic GPaaS is strengthened to lead the enterprise-level cloud native architecture beyond the cloud, so as to help more enterprise-level customers truly transform from the old architecture to the cloud native design.

"Cosmic" represents the endless life force, openness and inclusiveness, as well as Kingdee Cloud's original intention to "live for enterprise growth". Kingdee provides enterprise service solutions and best practices based on the idea of EBC to a large number of enterprise customers from all walks of life, and helps enterprises complete digital transformation based on Kingdee Cloud Cosmic, especially cloud native technology, and has accumulated a large number of solutions and lessons. Kingdee combines the core concerns, ecological system, business capabilities and other aspects of the enterprise with the architecture technology to form the unique EBC architecture capability of Kingdee. That is to construct the digital capability of the enterprise through the data platform architecture and support the construction of the five digital capabilities of the enterprise. It promotes enterprise's attention from process driven, function orientation, internal management, information island, monolithic architecture and foreign technology to focus on the digital construction of data driven, ability orientation, industrial cooperation, data platform thoughts, platform architecture, cloud native architecture and autonomous control. It finally realizes from informatization to digital and intelligent development, empowers the ERP process to EBC and shows the new vitality.

About Kingdee

Kingdee International Software Group Company Limited ("Kingdee International" or "Kingdee") was established in 1993. It is listed on the Main Board of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange (stock code: 0268.HK) and headquartered in Shenzhen, the PRC. Adhering to the core values of "Acting in all Conscience, with Integrity and Righteousness", the Company is committed to helping businesses achieve their growth targets and let the sun shine on every company through dedicated services. It strives to provide them with the most trusted enterprise service platform.

Through persistent efforts to explore China's Cloud enterprise service market, Kingdee has retained the largest share in the enterprise application software sector for fast-growing enterprises for 16 consecutive years according to IDC, and has grasped the biggest share in the enterprise-grade SaaS Cloud services industry in China for the second years, held the largest market share in SaaS ERM (Cloud ERP) and Financial Cloud for four consecutive years. Kingdee is currently the only SaaS cloud service provider of Chinese enterprises selected into Gartner's market guide.

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