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NuGerm Sneeze Guards & Germ Barriers From an Administrative Standpoint

Sneeze barriers as a preventive measure from an administrators and school staff perspective.

(PRUnderground) August 12th, 2020

The primary responsibility of an academic or administrative authority is to protect their subordinates and ensure that everything under the umbrella of responsibility is being taken care of.

In response to COVID-19, the primary responsibility and concern is, of course, protection against the airborne transmission of the virus itself. Ultimately, the goal is to not only protect the students, but to protect all staff as well, including: teachers, janitors, special-care workers, principles, deans, substitutes, bus drivers, and more.

The implementation of NuGerm sneeze guards have the potential to not only protect against this virus, but to also ease the minds of everyone involved. It’s an unprecedented time that has created an unlimited supply of stress and worry.

With NuGerm’s NuBarrier, those concerns can be put to the side!

In this article, we’ll be taking an inside look at the perspective of administrative authorities and why implementing sneeze guards under their supervision is the best decision that they can make.

Read on for more!

Why You Need Sneeze Guards as an Administrative Authority

As mentioned above, the primary responsibility of being an administrative authority (i.e. principle, dean, etc.), is to not only ensure the smooth operation of your school or administration, but to ensure the utmost care and safety of your students and staff members, especially during these uncertain times.

Investing in a bulk order of sneeze guards for classrooms, lunchrooms, and boardrooms alike, you not only ensure the safety and efficacy of your schools, but you portray yourself as a leader in the field.

While reputation isn’t everything, it’s certainly important in providing teachers, students, and parents with a peace of mind and ease of worry. During this pandemic, a small investment that results in peace of mind? A win-win!

Benefits of Sneeze Guards

From an Administrative Standpoint

  • The most obvious? They provide protection from airborne transmission of viruses, germs, and pathogens for all parties involved.
  • They can be implemented anywhere and everywhere. They are portable and can be carried from classroom to classroom OR can be clamped down as a permanent solution.
  • They provide clear visual connection between teacher and classmate. As an administrative authority, one of your responsibilities is to provide an effective learning environment. Implementing sneeze guards WILL NOT distract from this goal.
  • They are affordable. Whether you encourage your students or teachers to buy one, or you as an administration purchase in bulk, they are highly affordable and will pay off in dividends in the long run. In comparison to our competitors, NuGerm NuBarrier wins by a landslide.
  • Sneeze guards are easy to disinfect and clean. Simply provide your janitors or teachers with the proper cleaning supplies and protective gear and off you go!
  • Sneeze guards can be implemented in any age group, demographic, or scenario; from kindergarten and primary school, to high school and varsity. It can even be implemented in staff rooms and offices!


During times like these (COVID-19), there is no room for risk. Money should be an afterthought, while safety and efficacy should be the priority.

With NuGerm sneeze guards, we provide you with an affordable AND effective solution. Look no further!


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About NuGerm Sneeze Guards

CDC Recommended sneeze guards. Germ and virus protective barriers for classrooms, students and teachers. K-12 specialists of easy to install desk cough and sneeze barriers that reduce the spread of COVID-19 and other germs.

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