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Qonserve Technologies Unveils the Drop Gadget for Water Conservation

Qonserve Technologies, a startup focused on applying technology to saving water, just launched the Drop. This exciting new gadget, available now on Kickstarter, is the first water-saving device for faucets that provides a visual reminder of water flow. Unlike plumbing hardware that restricts water flow, the Drop is designed to entice users to modify their behavior and turn off faucets more quickly. Saving rapidly becomes a positive habit.

California is suffering from one of the worst droughts in recent times and that was the impetus for the team of scientists to focus their energy on solving this one problem. With all the challenges faced by communities, the significant impact on farmland, and the pain of $1000 fines to households, water conservation needs to be a top priority for all of us. For most businesses the water lost through faucets is one of the largest sources of waste, and saving at the sink can make a significant impact on overall water consumption both at work and at home.

Scott Geller, Qonserve Technologies co-founder and CEO, said “Our goal was to create something of real value to help people conserve this critical natural resource.  We needed the Drop to be recognizable, simple to use, effective, inexpensive, and of course, aesthetically appealing.  We think the Drop is exactly that kind of product.”

The Drop uses the universally recognized traffic-light-colored LED signaling (from green to orange to red) to show users how long water has been running, and to remind users to turn the faucet off if water is not needed.  The Drop quickly attaches to most common faucet designs and almost immediately promotes a reduction in water waste because users do not want to see a red light come on. It is truly amazing how fast people learn, and how effective the Drop is in terms of limiting water waste by both children and adults.

The team is currently in communication with various agencies to explore how the Drop can be deployed widely across commercial and government organizations. However, consumers can purchase Drops for their homes and begin to benefit from cost savings on water in the very near future.

For more information and to learn about the Drop, please visit the Kickstarter project:

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About Qonserve Technologies

Qonserve Technologies is a startup focused on applying technology to saving water. Qonserve’s first product is the Drop, a faucet mounted gadget teaching users to conserve water.

Read full release at Qonserve Technologies Unveils the Drop Gadget for Water Conservation.

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