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Gabcus Investments ( The New Frontier For IPO Offerings

By: IssueWire
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Gabcus Investments have been changing the way retail investors look at IPO stocks.

Sydney, New South Wales Jul 28, 2022 ( - Gabcus Investments ( is a wealth advisory firm founded by experienced advisors with hundreds of years of financial advice between them. The team of expert advisors applies a data-driven and modern approach that has garnered industry-wide recognition for over 40 years.

Their diverse expertise and experience in Pre-IPO Investments, Equities, and the financial markets, in general, give them an advantage in today's global markets. Getting in on an initial public offering -- more commonly called an IPO -- seems like the ticket to riches. Buy a hot new stock and then sell it for a huge profit just hours or days later, right?

For most individual investors, that dream of getting in on the IPO action will never be realized. Instead, it's the big institutional investors who typically get access. Gabcus Investments ( have been changing the way retail investors look at IPO stocks.

Gabcus Investments ( do a lot of business with the brokers underwriting the deal. That relationship puts them in a prime position to access some shares in the IPO."It's stacked in favor of large asset managers, but it's a money game and everyone is in it to make a buck and that is where [the stock] goes -- it goes to the best customers of those brokers," says Lucas Mayers the IPO strategies from Gabcus Investments (

The reality is your broker perceives individual investors as unattractive targets for IPOs. But that is not the case in Gabcus Investments ( - everyone is offered a chance to participate in all IPO stocks. One of the biggest attractions of buying IPO stock is the enormous potential for profit -- often on day one. When shares of LinkedIn were first publicly offered, prices rose 109 percent from $45 to $94.25 on the same day.

In general, it's likely your IPO stock is held with a brokerage account and can be sold at nearly any time either online or with a phone call. You can typically also place a limit order and set the price and number of shares you want to sell. However, profits from shares held for less than one year from the date of purchase are taxed as ordinary income, which is often higher than the long-term capital gains rate. And of course, even if you do hold shares longer, you'll still be liable for taxes on any gains.

Consider investing in one of a handful of funds that invest in IPOs, such as Renaissance Capital's IPO ETF (IPO)."We're really looking at investing in these companies that are not well-known yet by the market and that have an ability to get us gains very early in the price discovery [process]," says Lucas Mayers.

Given how hot IPOs are, many investment companies are looking to get investors to access them. Gabcus Investments ( offers new shares to its clients as part of its IPO Access program. In addition, Gabcus Investments ( offers pre-IPO purchase options where you are able to invest before the IPO is listed. This is usually not recommended for novice market participants but the knowledge and experience of the analysts and strategists at Gabcus Investments ( allows them to make correct and well-thought investment decisions.

Buying IPO stocks requires a lot of homework, and they can be risky. Consequently having your funds managed by a company that does its homework properly and recommends the best plausible IPOs is a great advantage in today's global stock markets.

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