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Profacgen Provides Technologies and Reagents To Help Labeling Proteins Without Worries

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Profacgen now develops a series of labeling technologies and reagents to provide various labeling services for target proteins at specific sites.

New York, USA - December 26, 2022 - Profacgen, a biotechnology company specialized in protein research, now develops a series of labeling technologies and reagents to provide various labeling services for target proteins at specific sites.

The main purpose of protein labeling is to monitor biological processes, aid detection (e.g., reliable quantification of compounds, specific detection of protein modifications), or purify proteins and their binding partners. Labeling of proteins can improve detection sensitivity and simplify detection workflow.

A variety of protein labeling techniques are currently available to help study the abundance, location, interaction, post-translational modification, function, and even monitor protein trafficking in living cells of a protein of interest. There are currently many types of markers and labeling methods to choose from, but an appropriate labeling strategy should be selected for a specific application.

Now, Profacgen offers the most popular fluorescent probes (phycoerythrin, allophycocyanin, fluorescein, tetramethylrhodamine, fluor dyes), enzyme conjugates (horseradish peroxidase, alkaline phosphatase) and biotin. And N15 and C13 isotope labeling can be used for NMR experiments. At Profacgen, scientists can give a helping hand in choosing the most appropriate conjugate and method to ensure the quality of downstream applications.

Specific Services at Profacgen:

Protein Conjugation Service on Beads

Protein Biotinylation Service

Protein/Peptide Crosslinking

Protein-Fluorophore Bioconjugation

Quantum Dot Labeling

Incorporation of Bioorthogonal Handles

PEGylation Products and Services

Protein ELPylation Service

Why Choose Profacgen?

• Comprehensive list of labeling reagents

• Mature technical route

• Complete upstream and downstream technical support: one-stop services for recombinant protein expression, protein sequencing, and protein modification can be provided

"We will continue to expand our service offerings to meet the increasing and diversified needs and research requirements of different customers." Said Crystal, the chief marketing staff at Profacgen.

To know more detailed information about the protein labeling services provided by Profacgen, please visit

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