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What’s Missing in Leadership, Find Out in John N. Harris’ New Book

The author believes success is having character that is wise, intelligent, and a spirituality rooted in an understanding of God’s word and His purpose for mankind.

(PRUnderground) February 18th, 2021

Hard work, dedication, intelligence, and perseverance are often mistakenly identified as the key to personal and financial success. While they indeed play a part in fulfilling our goals, in Breakthrough Success with John N. Harris, Jr. available on Amazon, the author argues that it requires great character and spirituality.

John N. Harris has been a successful sales and marketing leader in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and medical device industries for over thirty years. He is a licensed real estate salesperson and an entrepreneur in the travel and leisure industry. Behind his successful background, however, Harris recognizes the importance of having faith and following Jesus’ teachings: “I believe one’s ‘moral compass’ amounts to a steadfast belief in God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit. If you realize that your life’s purpose is to love and serve others, then you must first love and serve God, the One who created you.”

Harris uses stories from the Bible as examples of great character, from which stems a good reputation—for Harris, being successful means having the spiritual maturity to understand God’s Word and being an authentic Servant Leader in our personal, professional, and public life.

“Men and women of power and purpose can change and transform the world in a very positive way. For example, my core purpose in life is to develop and improve myself personally and professionally so that I can be the Servant Leader that God has created me to be,” says Harris.

Harris believes that even if we follow the natural laws of leadership, if we don’t possess great character and spirituality as the foundation of our personality, then these laws are futile.

“Congratulations, John! You are one of the most straightforward, thoughtful, tenacious leaders I know. A combination of these characteristics in one person is a rarity. Keep believing in the good of all mankind, and you will forever leave your mark on others. I can’t wait to read the book. Please tell me when I can order my signed copy!”—Testimonial by Gerri Lyons Bell, C.E.O. of New You By Design, Inc.

“Breakthrough Success is a breakthrough for those who desire success in their life as guided and inspired by God. Anyone can aspire to greatness. Greater is a natural cause found in all of us. Yet, to achieve the greater, there is a path one must follow. In the Chapter on ‘What’s missing in Leadership,’ John Harris explores leadership from the world perspective as against the Biblical view. Harris weaves a story about God-centered motivation elevating a person while the earthly or pedestrian mindset ultimately results in failure. Harris’ personal journey is an arc toward God-centered living. This book is a must-read for all who seek a higher purpose in their life.”—Testimonial by Rev. Reginald S. Floyd, Ed.M., J.D., Pastor of Jerusalem Baptist Church, Hartsville, SC; Director (VP) of Advancement, Morris College.

Breakthrough Success with John N. Harris, Jr. is available on Amazon.

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