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Yeliz Nuray Releases Her New Book To Help People Get in the Right Mental State for Success

The author believes success isn’t the end of the story, just the end of a chapter, which can end in ways you weren’t prepared for

(PRUnderground) February 15th, 2021

In Breakthrough Success with Yeliz Nuray, available on Amazon, the author digs deep into the meaning of success to share her unique approach to life.

From successful businesswoman to a mourning mother, Nuray managed to heal and take control of her life and become a flight hostess and, later on, an independent travel agent. Striving for self-actualization to find her purpose in life, Nuray says: “Setbacks often present us with new opportunities for growth that we otherwise would not have stumbled upon. No one’s life is one long upward trend. There are ups and downs, peaks and troughs, setbacks, and triumphs. They make you a better, more accomplished, and grounded person. Without them, life would get boring pretty fast.”

Nuray shows that the key to success isn’t about reaching a final destination but about reaching the end of a chapter. Nuray shares her journey through her life’s ups and downs, shedding light on the importance of being in control of our personal and professional decisions.

“The world is as busy as it’s ever been, and we often feel there’s a compulsion to keep up with the traffic of day-to-day life. The reality is that it’s vital that, every now and again, we take a step back. It not only gives us time to reassess but some much needed time to relax and re-energize,” says Nuray.

Nuray reveals that when life falls apart, we must give ourselves time to recuperate, reassess, and take stock of what we have. Eventually, we’ll start rebuilding our lives—piece by piece.

“Yeliz Nuray: A name I first became familiar with in 2020. Though we had been acquaintances for a very short time, I realized I had a chance to know her as a person in only a few days. Yeliz is more than a friend. Some people stick like glue to you in good times but leave you in hard times. But not Yeliz; she is a true personality, who is not just a good friend during the good times but also the bad times. Her inside is even more beautiful than her outside! A successful loner, she plowed her own furrow.”—Testimonial by Sultan Buttar, Friend and Avid Traveler.

“Yeliz is a unique, colorful individual with many facets; an ambitious woman, a nurturing mother, a loving foster parent, a dedicated wife, a devoted daughter, a caring friend, and Mom to a couple of furry friends! She is the very definition of a strong-willed woman who can do it all. Her tenacious personality is the driving force behind realizing her dreams. She has the ability to take an idea and make it her reality. Many of us are afraid to reach for the stars because all we see are the obstacles, but not Yeliz.”—Testimonial by S. Shinasi, Childhood Friend & Executive Assistant.

Breakthrough Success with Yeliz Nuray is available on Amazon.

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