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Thinking Success With Paul Prinsloo’s New Book

The author believes success is to keep pushing forward and pushing through pain to prosper.

(PRUnderground) January 30th, 2021

Breakthrough Success with Paul Prinsloo, available on Amazon, is a worthwhile read for adopting a positive mindset to fulfill our dreams. The author, a diligent student turned workaholic, realized that success is not solely about material gain but, more importantly, it’s about our mind and the thoughts we harbor within. An engineer with a keen talent to observe and understand what drives people, his purpose is to empower people and awaken their true selves to conquer their limiting beliefs. By having the fortitude to push through the good and the bad times, Prinsloo believes that: “Success is only a footstep away if you cultivate an attitude of positive thinking.”

By crafting empowering thoughts, we train the conscious mind to perceive it as the truth, ultimately enforcing it into our sub-self – the subconscious. On a more practical level, he encourages goal-setting to help us achieve our dreams and having a role model to imitate their traits, beliefs, and habits; and having a mentor to keep us motivated and help us conquer our liming beliefs.

“Negative self-talk is the number one destroyer of self-worth. Through negative thought, we can be our own worst enemies, so it’s important to come to the realization that we, in ourselves, are enough. We hold within ourselves the power to either create or destroy the success we seek,” says Prinsloo. Prinsloo also stresses the importance of mustering up our courage to venture into the unknown, out of our comfort zone, where growth takes place. With hard work and perseverance, anybody can achieve success.

“I have met thousands of people in my life and heard thousands of stories from them. But the story of Paul Prinsloo, I have witnessed. Paul is the only person I have ever met who never lies, no matter what. He is a true friend, whom you can trust, whether it’s about money, education, or even food—a true inspiration in life and always happy to spread recipes for success and happiness. I am truly thankful for this blessing of a person in my life. I thank God for the wisdom and guidance Paul Prinsloo shares with me every single day.”—Testimonial by Paul Schnell.

“I have known Paul for several years. During that time, I have seen Paul setting both long- and short-term goals. He is a very patient person when it comes to pursuing his goals and dreams. He has studied patiently, worked hard at work, looking after himself and his loved ones. Paul has always found a way to help people in need, both financially and by advising how to go forward in life and create opportunities. Paul’s strong character sets him apart, making him a strong leader. Paul is a young man who will accomplish wonderful things and opportunities for himself and others.”Testimonial by Eben Kruger.

Breakthrough Success with Paul Prinsloo is available on Amazon.

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