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Summons sent to law enforcement, court officials in NJ harassment case

By: Issuewire
Det Mudduser Malik NJSP

- - Using certified mail may open him up to another round of retaliation, but this time they cannot accuse him of personal harassment, as happened the first time - -

Trenton, New Jersey Jan 27, 2021 ( - A notice of summons was served on more than 20 people in the ongoing fight between retired New York City police sergeant John F. Marchisotto and New Jersey's law enforcement and the court system. - - 

At issue is how the state judiciary and law enforcement treated Mr. Marchisotto, including a raid on his house that causes a considerable amount of emotional upset to his two minor children.

The former police officer used certified mail to handle the summons and has receipts in hand to prove it. He said he chose this unusual method because of the history he has with the courts and the officers in question.

In the filing at the US District Court for New Jersey, he lays out two major reasons for this.

"I have not attempted personal service due to the previous criminal harassment and unlawful retaliatory criminal actions taken by some of these same Judicial and non Judicial defendants ... taken against the Plaintiff and his family," he wrote in one of the court filings. "When Plaintiff had previously tried to qualified his personal service for his summons return of service process [in an earlier case], FALSE THREAT complaints were made against him to numerous Police agencies."

Mr. Marchisotto said he has no intentions of putting his family through another round of harassment and intimidation by those selfsame officials. As he puts it, "they did it to me once. They believe they got away with it. They certainly might try again."

"Using certified mail may open him up to another round of retaliation, but this time they cannot accuse him of personal harassment, as happened the first time." 

"They made up a bunch of lies about me. I am a retired police officer. I know the law. I know you cannot take a firearm into the courthouse. I know what can and cannot be done under the law and I followed the law every step of the way," he said. "They broke the law coming after me and now, I want them held accountable."

Mr. Marchisotto had two rounds of summons served through the Post Office.

He is asking for some of those in his case to be fired, others to resign and others to punished according to the law. He is also seeking monetary damages, none of which he wants to keep.

"When justice is served and the courts say I am owed this much money, however much it may be, I will give it to a charity. I do not want the money. I want justice. I was corrupt officials removed from office. I want the people of New Jersey to again have faith in law enforcement and the judicial system. I do not want anyone to go through what's been happening to me," he said.

Mr. Marchisotto has video of the raid on his house, court records, and his own filings which is willing to share with anyone in the media. He created Petition To Fire Mudduser Malik so the entire world can hear his story and see the video of the raid oh his home.

"Do not take my word for it. Watch the video. Make up your own mind," he said. "The facts and the truth are laid out right there."http://


2nd Wave Summons Served




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Source :MARCHISOTTO v. MALIK et, al.; Case No.: 3:20-cv-20426-BRM-LHG

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