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Nation's Christ-based Leader Discloses Why Security Agencies Must Heighten Radical-Evangelical Surveillance

By: Issuewire
Dr Steven DavidSon

Dallas, Texas Jan 17, 2021 ( - As the Nation's security agencies monitor domestic threats to the homeland, they cannot disregard the involvement and potential of Political-Evangelicals (i.e., White Evangelicals). And if they are (as expected) they need to dramatically increase surveillance according to Dr. Steven DavidSon.

"No question, if the government security services have not increased monitoring the activities of many evangelicals both main-line and splinter groups, they are making a grave error."

DavidSon who has an extensive career in government service including experience in communication intelligence, anti-submarine spy aircraft, and law enforcement analysis sounds the alarm.

"Since the security agencies have determined that domestic terrorism is more of a threat than foreign terrorism, if they are not already, they must focus on the involvement of Evangelicals. It is well-documented Religion is a central and causative terrorism factor." 

DavidSon, who also has more than five decades of experience in Christian ministry has amassed a repository of his personal Biblical research and authorship. He has a sound basis for his concern Biblically. "Even an elementary view of Biblical Scripture reveals, it is not a doctrine of the life and guidance by Jesus to take over a government, or even be involved in government as partisans. What we saw in the insurrection against our Capitol included Christian 'Jesus Saves' banners. Among many, one of the insurrection participants who has been arrested voices the depth of this disillusioned and dangerous view of the faith when entering the Capitol building she declared, 'Here we are. Here we are for Jesus.' So reminiscent of the foreign radical terrorist' cry, 'Ali Akbar' (God is great). A number of the insurrectionist assembled in one of the chambers and held prayer even as they violated Scripture breaking and entering the chamber (Romans 13). No one should error that such manifestations represent a small group of disturbed individuals. Look no further than leaders with large followings. Robert Jeffress a main-stream Evangelical voice and a member of Trump's defunct, Evangelical Advisory council held that Trump had the moral authority to assassinate another nation's leader (North Korea). Franklin Graham another major Evangelical main-line voice  "Biblicalized" the ten Representatives who voted to impeach Trump (after the lawless intrusion) as persons betraying Jesus (i.e., Judas). His comparison is an incredibly dangerous Christian religious-characterization of the representatives in the current climate. Did he not know the present threat they face? Was it his naivety to increase their risk of harm? These and numerous other examples demonstrate it is not just a small representation of disturbed Evangelicals. Let me be clear, there's not even a hint here that the leaders mentioned above are domestic terrorists, but no question their words as Political-Evangelical leaders create a supportive or tolerable language that has no place in those emulating the life of Jesus. It is a massive problem that must be considered."

Among his Christ-based ministry responsibilities, DavidSon leads a web-based ministry, reaching more than ten-million worldwide for Christ in 2020.  He has an additional cause for sounding the alarm. "It is an obvious investigative step that government security agencies look closely at religious organizations associated with actors against the State. There are hundreds of Christian ministries who are doing it right, and there must be careful to determine that these are not the slightest threat.

Since the declaration of 'Save America' in the 1970s, and the launch of the Moral Majority (present-day White Christian Evangelicals), what we've been witnessing involving the Evangelicals is the product of their Nationalistic Political Theology.  As opposed to an eternal kingdom operating in the world to share Jesus at this time, 'their' America is or should be the kingdom of God now.  An America where historically they 'Biblicalized' slavery, Jim Crow, and oppression to their benefit; and today view acts such as insurrection against the nation as their 'Christian' duty.   

Unlike when I first began in Christian ministry, it was taboo to be so enamored with politics, today doing so has evolved into a domestic terrorism factor as witnessed in the assault on our Capitol.  This must not be overlooked. Obviously, what happened to our Capitol is just a beginning state and nation-level threat campaign. Too many Evangelicals reflect poorly upon those of us pursuing a life-in Christ (governed by His principles). They harm our efforts as citizens of the United States, and the Kingdom of Christ, Jesus. Concerning any terror threat, we must say something if we see something. And more importantly, we must defend the faith (Jude 1:3, NLT)."

About Dr. DavidSon and Amazing Things The Church

DavidSon has been in Christian ministry for more than five decades. He's the author, and developer of the Christ-based Counseling modality, and a pioneer in web-based ministry since the mid-1990s. The Christ-based Ministry enterprise of 22 Web Sites, features non-apostate Christ-based Counseling and Education. Amazing Things The Church is the heart of the work for nearly thirty years reaching over ten-million in 2020 with daily programming.  DavidSon also served the nation bi-vocationally in the military (working in the intelligence field), and as a civilian for more than forty years. He was distinguished for his outstanding contributions by President Ronald Reagan, and Agency leaders during the period as a civilian employee.  He's also presently Executive Pastor of the New Beginnings Church in Lewisville, Texas (SBC) with Joseph Fields, Senior Pastor.  Fields who has also been resolute and vocal about this condition served previously as an executive-level official with the General Baptist Convention of Texas (BGCT), an auxiliary of the Southern Baptist Convention. 





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