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Lewis Tagliaferre Presents Self-Help Guide to "Better Living, Better Dying"

Better Living, Better Dying

Better Living, Better Dying

Lewis Tagliaferre

Lewis Tagliaferre

88-year-old documents personal resources for health, inner peace, and self-care throughout life

VIRGINIA, UNITED STATES, January 15, 2021 / -- From his 88 years on Earth, Lewis Tagliaferre observes that most people seem to be so busy as "human doings" that they have overlooked growing as "human beings." Life for many seems like it is proceeding at a breakneck pace with less and less time for reflection and self-development. With this self-study guide to "Better Living, Better Dying," he provides the knowledge and wisdom gained from a long successful life so that younger folks may make good use of it as a natural part of their lives.

Tagliaferre provides a variety of personal self-development lessons in his book, which he states are crucial to health and happiness, especially during the second half of life. He says that special resilience is required to come to terms with challenges in life and to develop the acceptance needed to walk through the final portal to whatever comes next.

"Eventually, freedom must transition to courage and surrender as the inevitable changes during aging take over. Each person must take the labyrinth walk of life they are given, but if you begin with the end in mind the trip can be a grand adventure to a happier ending with more inner peace and serenity." The author walked the talk through a long and successful life, making his book's content quite practical in comparison to other more theoretical books of the genre.

"Better Living, Better Dying" contains valuable instructions and wisdom for self-care across the various stages of life derived from professional research and therapy. All of this is compiled by the author, an accomplished senior, who has seen much of what life has to offer, and who also is an experienced professional researcher and writer. The book is well grounded with more practical lessons than theoretical ones, although he is careful to cite professional sources and applicable references.

Tagliaferre organized the lessons with homework assignments as a compact self-development course. It discusses the holistic needs of a whole person, from the physical to the mental, emotional, spiritual, and social. He covers the entire life cycle through healthy living, graceful aging, coming to terms with mortality and more. Using the graphic of the ancient labyrinth as its symbol, “Better Living, Better Dying” speaks to people in general regardless of their religious or non-religious orientation. The work is presented in an easy- to- read narrative as from a loving grandfather.

"It includes a lot of information about healthy successful living that would be very expensive to learn from professional counselors in person, as I did. Now, you can have it all in the content of this book. With this lifelong self-care, you can feel better inside no matter what happens outside right up until the end. Now, who would not want that?" Tagliaferre says.

About the Author

Lewis Tagliaferre is 88 years old. A native of Western Maryland, he served on a USAF B-36 bomber crew during the Korean War. Educated in engineering and business, he has published a technical journal, numerous magazine articles on electricity, energy policy, and small business management plus several books on his personal philosophy of life as applied to contemporary society. Please browse his name for reference. Lewis Tagliaferre.

Product Details
• ISBN 978-1-64349-839-3 (paperback)
• ISBN 978-1-64349-840-9 (digital)
• Copyright © 2018 by Lewis Tagliaferre
• Publisher: Christian Faith Publishing, Inc. (January 16, 2019)
• Publication date: January 16, 2019
• Language: English
• File size: 692 KB
• Print Length: 173 pages

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