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Take a deep breath: Charming App Mindfulness rewards mindful breathing meditation

Slow down, focus on your breathing. Charming Ape explains how the incentives of mindfulness meditation are often misunderstood, and how Charming App Mindfulness is designed to fix that.

(PRUnderground) January 5th, 2021

Meditation, at heart, is really just the practice of thinking before we speak or act. Whether you meditate for minutes or hours is up to you; simply taking the time to be alone with your thoughts is an important part of giving important decisions the time they deserve. Any effort you do make to meditate is valuable, and a little bit every day adds up to a lot over time.

The problem with meditation though, is that rewards are often long-term and sometimes we have to sacrifice something in the short term in order to meditate. Taking the time to stretch out on a yoga mat or close your eyes and daydream in a hammock might come at the price of putting off other obligations like doing chores, exercising, or working… all of which are important in their own right and which have immediate benefits.

Even quick meditations have their cost. Stepping back from a volatile situation in order to think before you act, even if it’s only for a few seconds, may cost you the instant gratification of speaking out in anger or making an immediate point. Taking time to think usually pays off in the long run though, when you come to understand the real costs and consequences of lashing out; karma isn’t always instantaneous. It only takes one commute in rush-hour traffic to see just how rarely many people choose to forgo short-term gratification for the long-term gain.

People who meditate know that the practice does have immediate benefits – feeling rested and more patient, having more energy and greater clarity in your decision making. It takes time invested in the practice to come to that understanding. That’s why the latest update to Charming App Mindfulness, a mindfulness mobile app available on the App Store and  Google Play, seeks to reward users for practicing meditation:

“I set out trying to make an app that would encourage users to be mindful, for free” says Kevin Afanasiff, the developer behind Charming Ape and Charming App Mindfulness, “but now I realize it’s an even better idea to reward them for it, so now the app gives you a reward each time you finish a mindful breathing session, allowing you to to unlock new charms for your meditations in the app.”

This improvement is one of several in the app’s latest update, which also introduces a better experience for new users and beginners to mindfulness meditation. Daily rewards provide free rewards to unlock charms, and users also get rewards for beating their personal bests in short and long-term memory exercises. These rewards ensure users are never far off from unlocking new content.

Learn more about Charming App Mindfulness on the app’s official website.

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