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Award-Winning Author Anton D. Morris Announces Release of His Latest Novel, Exposed: Humanity Craves Power

(PRUnderground) December 21st, 2020

Author Anton D. Morris is announcing the release of his latest novel, Exposed: Humanity Craves Power. It’s now available for purchase at

The thriller centers on the character Horus Fitsroy, a descendant of African-American slaveowners who enjoyed a meteoric rise to becoming a stock market genius with a seven-figure income. He has a trophy wife and is, by all accounts, living the American dream.

After Fitsroy leads the hostile acquisition of an international company, he finds himself embroiled in intrigue and controversy when it comes to light that a long-forgotten secret society is helping him behind closed doors.

Morris says one of Exposed‘s main characters is Fitsroy’s older sister, Cassandra, an attorney with an exceptional mind for foresight. “People routinely ignore her advice, however,” he says, “and then she’s compelled to work extra hard to get those people out of the situations they’re in.”

Her younger brother compares her to Kassandra from Troy – the prophetess who warns the Trojans not to accept the Greek’s gift. Because no one listens to Kassandra, the City of Troy burns. The “know it all” men in Exposed burned as well. “That’s why Cassandra is so important in demonstrating how critical it is to listen to the voices of African-American women.”

Morris adds that women’s voices matter, and they must be included in order for our society to move forward to a more equitable state. “Female participation and leadership are critical in achieving an ideal society,” he says.

Morris says he was inspired to write Exposed after visiting a slave plantation in Louisiana. “It was very interesting to learn how Black slave owners tried to protect their homes from the Union Army,” he says.

“America has been taught a one-sided story about racism,” he says, “in which Blacks are the victims and whites are the aggressors. But the wealthiest slave owners were Black.”

Known for being creative and original, Morris’ novels and short stories take unique perspectives that come from his adventurous life, often involving political conspiracies, parallel universes, astral projections, secret societies, djinn, and angels.

His other short stories include Lilith & Agaliarept, The Release of the Anatel, Yaron’s Lyre, Kabeir And The Marids, Master Moses’ Homecoming, and Master Moses & The Saudadi Spirits. Morris’ other novel is Men, Djinn And Angels: Awakening.

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