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EuroTRX providing 100% decentralization utilizing Smart Contract running on Tron Blockchain for maximum speed - security

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The corruption caused by the decentralized model of business can be eliminated by getting the smart contract layup provided by EuroTRX. In the field of crypto platforms which are supposed to be transparent, this is a new benchmark.

Encino, Dec 21, 2020 ( - EuroTRX provides Smart Contract Facility - a unique structure system

EuroTRX provides the facility of contracts through smart technology and promises to end the scams that users face on the networking platforms. Along with its promise to eliminate every scam and problem related to the technology cites it also promises to provide a smart contract facility. The policy of smart contracts follows the simple rule of if/when and then. The statements are written into code on a blockchain. This provides complete security and scam free networking facility. A network computer will be executing the actions by releasing the funds towards the appropriate parties, sending notifications, issuing a ticket, or registering a vehicle as well. With the help of this facility, it promises to take responsibility for the security of the network users so that they can completely rely on the smart contract for the rest of their problems and solutions regarding those problems.

The blockchain is automatically updated when the predetermined conditions are met and verified. The blockchain is updated when the transaction is completed. After the initiation of the smart contract, the blockchain can provide a complex process that is quite streamlined. The process also involves several intermediaries because of the trust issues faced by the users when it comes to the initial transaction. The policy can predetermine the rules and actions that will happen which makes it secure for all of the users and participants. After the setting of the rules, modification in the rules is not possible. So it has to be done before the initiation of the smart contract otherwise one might face difficulties due to this issue.

The design and structure of this platform

The structure and design of this platform are built as fixed structures having a 2x2 combination. This structure is a uni-level structure coded in a smart contract. It makes a smart contract for the possibility of unlocking multiple streams of rewards. This system of rewards is based on package rates. The higher the package the higher will be the reward and you can receive more rewards by taking a subscription to a higher package. No cap is written on the number of rewards you may receive from the package but it will be higher moving gradually upwards with the package.

Risk factor and smart contract system

The smart contract system has zero risk factors where everything is visible and available at all times. Anyone using the system can easily check and access the code written for the verification step. A platform has been built for ensuring automatic and continuous participation which might create the possibility of residual income. Verified proof for the statistical analysis of the project and its performance can be determined as well. all of the users or participants on the website are anonymous and just has a User ID. This ID is the only identification of the participants and no names or personal information is involved in the process. It is possible to check the rewards of the User ID on the platform. This is not hidden from the participants or users. However, all of the details of the transaction are stored on the Blockchain and is not available to anyone other than the website holders.

For getting entry into the system

To get an entry into the system or platform of the EuroTRX is quite easy and accessible. Whenever there is a new entry in the platform, the smart contract and platform of the EuroTRX will follow the below-mentioned rules:

A link containing the referral is encrypted always, and it is inclusive of the data that the smart contract uses to look better on the platform and provides a good easily accessible position to the users so the new participant can easily enter the position which is empty on the platform or the system.

The referrer link is also included in the address of the wallet of your sponsor and the other wallet address as well. the platform contains smart contracts that know how and where to send the rewards along with the number of rewards to be sent to each of the wallets overall.

The reward policy also follows the package details, as mentioned earlier. The higher the package used by the participant, the higher will be the rewards given to him by the platform of the EuroTRX system. 

Multiple reward Program Facility

  • Unilevel general rewards
  • Personal unilevel rewards
  • Personal structure rewards
  • Multiple pool rewards
  • Regular passive rewards

Daily passive rewards

How to qualify for daily rewards. For this, one has to purchase all of the nine available packages, and then the user will be automatically added to the pool. In the pool, afterward, the 5% daily completion revenues are shared with the user or the participant who has subscribed for all of the available packages on the platform of EuroTRX. After qualifying for the packages for once, you will get to receive 5% of the rewards on daily basis by the platform automatically.

EuroTRX call to action aims to access the progress of the platform offering complete security towards scam regarding networking. In the case of EuroTRX, the programmed smart contract is used on the platform of our website so that it can be used in a modified way as well. The TRX is set in a predetermined manner containing all of the information in its wallet and the decentralization rule through the smart platform contract is required for the predetermined conditions once they are coded. These policies are set for the users and participants so that they do not face problems for security reasons. Through the use of smart contracts, EuroTRX is considered fully for a decentralized model of business. The new benchmark of the EuroTRX provides crypto transparent platforms.

So, if you are looking for a multiple reward program facility and a secure platform, kindly visit for more information.

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