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Wheel Of Diamonds (WOD): Building an empire of wealth based on innovative technologies

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Harare, Sep 19, 2020 ( - In this advanced era, modern science and technology are changing rapidly everyday. Innovative and disruptive technologies, such as blockchain, Internet of Things (IoT), sharing economy, artificial intelligence, short videos, new retail, financial technology, big data, and other Internet based innovations, have begun to come in succession, bringing a trend of dynastic change. Driven by this, the economic development model has changed from the old economic model dominated by traditional industries to the new economic model dominated by the Internet industry. Every time a disruptive technology emerges, there will be market-shaking changes, and the new economic model will constantly eliminate the old economic model. As the saying "Survival of the fittest" goes, no matter big, small, and medium-sized enterprises, they must face the harsh test of economic changes and adapt, and only then, the fittest shall survive.

Thomas Edison once said: "science needs imagination, and innovation is the key to invention. " Planes and high-speed trains have realized the exaggerated imagination of our ancestors that "a thousand miles will be travelled to and fro in one day ". The invention of video communication that seems like travel through time and space, so that people can be"as close as neighbours"even if they are thousands of miles apart. In this modern era, if we can combine centuries old traditional industries with science and technology, and add innovative ideas, everything may become a reality. Many people consider that diamonds are just mere jewellery, which are overlooked by the investment market. In fact, apart from being used in the gem and jewellery industry, diamonds are also highly valued due to its hardness and thermal conductivity. It has a wide range of industrial, medical and investment purposes in the field of scientific research. In the past 50 years, the price of diamond has increased 20 times! The global diamond jewellery sales have exceeded 72 billion US dollars, which has increased threefold in the past 25 years!

Imagine if the centuries old traditional diamond industry combines with blockchain technology, a unique mutually beneficial mechanism, and an innovative self-sustaining ecosystem seamlessly in a simple and fun game?  Have you ever thought about having fun while making money? Introducing Wheel Of Diamonds (WOD)! 

Wheel Of Diamonds (WOD) is the World's first mining game that is backed by real diamonds, and also the World's first gaming App that helps you make money by mining Infinity Diamond Token (IDM).  WOD connects the funds of individuals and businesses to form a cross-border synergistic fund flow chain. Through a unique mutually beneficial model platform, funds are continuously circulated back and forth between communities, forming a bubble-free, absolute winning ecology and value chain. Players can simply click a button to earn attractive rewards while playing, up to 1000%! Whether you are a winner or a non-winner in each game, you will not go home empty-handed! Hurry, activate auto-earning mode!

Next, IDM is connecting the diamond industry by establishing provenance, authenticity and traceability throughout the entire value chain. It seeks to change the current situation and make diamonds more investor-friendly by revolutionizing the entire diamond supply chain through the effective application of blockchain technology and creating a tokenomic ecosystem within the diamond industry.

IDM is issued in concurrence with the value of a real diamond, allowing for a more stable value than traditional cryptocurrencies. Also, by doing so, this would greatly facilitate trade and investment in diamonds, particularly for retail investors as issues such as transport and storage of physical storage of diamonds are effectively resolved, and the token would allow holders to bid and purchase diamonds and can be used for settlement, for goods and services throughout the network as well as in real-life transactions at physical retail outlets eventually. 

IDM is a spin-off tech project from renowned diamond mining corporation, Infinity Baba Diamond Group, all thanks to its CEO and Founder, Mr. Jonathan Dlamini. With casual gamers to champions in the WOD community, and we share one thing in common-- we love winning and earning, and we demand the very best. Implementing the concept of mutual benefit for everyone, building alliances, and prosperity.

Many have heard the famous "A Diamond is Forever" slogan, as it fully reflects the eternity of love and commitment that a person possesses by owning a diamond, just like IDM and WOD symbolizes an eternity of wealth and infinite potential. Only the best is eternal!

There is no turning back, now ready your weapons and let the games begin!

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About Infinity Baba Diamond Group

Infinity Baba Diamond Group is a diamond production company that holds stakes in producing mines in Botswana and Lesotho. The company is incorporated in the Republic of Seychelles with Offices in Europe as well as Sales Marketing and Manufacturing capabilities in Belgium.


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