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Intelligent Diva lands a label deal and partnership with Foremost Records

Intelligent Diva is a singer, songwriter from Jacksonville, Florida. She treats her music career like a business and this has brought her success.

(PRUnderground) July 7th, 2020

A huge congratulations is in order for Intelligent Diva. The talented singer/rapper has brought us Boyshorts, Submit to You, Sexy Walk, and Lo Que’ Me Gusta. As an IT professional by day, entrepreneur, and music artist. The talented artist has consolidated all of her skillsets to land a record deal. Foremost Label has also given the artist a board position.

Intelligent Diva tells us she documented a business plan 2 years ago  for her music career.  Identified the amount needed to launch her music career and saved the amount. Next she created her team of people to help her execute this In order to do this she supported independent black owned businesses locally in Jacksonville, Florida and Houston Texas. During the pandemic, she teamed up with  friends to earn additional money who were affected financially by the pandemic to pay them for their services using their skillsets, and encouraged them to start a business to help others, In her music career she  reflected back on her business plan where she stated that she wanted to become a music artist  and also work with a label  to help other independent artist. Both of these goals were accomplished with this deal. Congratulations Intelligent Diva!

About Foremost Records

Intelligent Diva, she is an independent artist who states she treats her music career like a business. From her start in the church choir to the high school church. She enjoyed singing. It was in high school where she started writing. This diva has always enjoyed various genres of music. Music always seemed to be an outlet for her to be able to put everything else she was required to do as to side and find time to do what she loved to do. The dream of entrepreneur right. To have a career doing what you enjoy doing. While, she chose to put her music career to the side to focus on family, as a wife, and mother. This gave her time to establish her business career and to become an entrepreneur as well. She is an IT professional by day, where she is a software technical lead. In addition to this, she has her own company where she is a business consultant and provides support to other small businesses. Intelligent Diva also helps people who have multiple skillsets by showing them how they can start their own business based on these skillsets. As you can see she enjoys helping others. Therefore, after someone has so much success in her personal life with work and family. The launch of her music career started two years ago, where she started with a business plan for her strategy. Intelligent Diva has written over 300 songs and started by recording them in her home studio. Even though she was an independent artist not signed with a label. She wanted to incorporate the structure of a major label into her project. As an independent artist, she used her capital and started working very hard in September 2019, in the studio. She teamed up with Century Studios in Jacksonville, Florida, and recorded 4 singles 1, Ep, and 1 album.
Intelligent’s Diva’s music is about work-life balance and maintaining relationships. Family bonding especially during this time. The pandemic has impacted the world. It has affected our health and the financial stability of families and businesses. It has changed the structure of how we function. Intelligent Diva decided that she would include family into her career based on her skillset. With her mother as her manager, her brother for his voice animations in her music, and she supports her daughter who is a talented makeup artist and artist. Her daughter’s artwork seen on the cover ”Boyshorts” and ” Sexy Walk”, which is mentioned in other press releases. In her music, she talks about relationships and how to keep them spicy. This lady is a business professional daily. She understands how the long hours in working can affect your relationships with your spouse, significant other also. Therefore, she shares in her music how she keeps her relationship spicy for her man, and how he shows is the appreciation for this. Intelligent Diva, says her music is intended for an audience under the age of 18. But, she discusses dating, and once you have found that special someone. In a committed relationship behind closed doors, is where you introduce your alter ego to a person you are exclusive with. The Jacksonville Florida has given us Boyshorts, Submit To You, and Sexy Walk. Intelligent Diva owns the walk of confidence in Sexy Walk. In her most recent release ”Lo Que Me Gusta which is a love story. about a woman who meets a guy that is established. You’re a true power couple when you both bring something to the table. Her song Lo Que Me Gusta which means What I Like is a great way to introduce diversity. She sings the song in both English and Spanish. With all 4 songs on the charts and the airwaves in the United States, Canada, and the UK, we ask the artist what are her goals in the future based on her business plan. Intelligent Diva is currently working on her EP ”Seduction”, which is scheduled to be released on August 17, 2020. She loves fashion and would like to launch her fashion line in the future. Another goal of Intelligent Diva is to continue to release music, while at the same time she would like to be other independent artists. As part of her current projects which she has funded on her, during the pandemic, she is committed to supporting black-owned businesses by securing their services for her projects. She believes that Black lives matter, and she attends the sheriff monthly meetings to discuss the issues in the community with police brutality and unnecessary practices. It appears a music artist having a business plan and strategy for her music career has worked for this artist. Intelligent Diva has recently signed with Foremost Record label and has also been accepted the position as the Vice President of Foremost Record label. This business venture and label partnership is a dream come true. Congratulations Intelligent Diva.

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