Latest Enhancements To Calix Support Cloud Ready Broadband Teams To Join Trailblazers Like Dobson Fiber in Achieving Industry-Leading Benchmarks Such As a 60 Percent Reduction in Truck Rolls

Updates to Calix Support Cloud provide support teams with complete visibility into the CommandIQ mobile app and ExperienceIQ to virtually eliminate inbound calls and truck rolls by providing direct access to subscriber application preferences and settings

Calix, Inc. (NYSE: CALX) today announced product and service enhancements to Calix Support Cloud and the CommandIQ® mobile app that significantly upgrade management capabilities for broadband service provider (BSP) support teams. Customer service representatives (CSRs) now have unprecedented visibility into subscribers’ network and device prioritization settings in My Priorities within ExperienceIQ, an EDGE Suites application available within CommandIQ. Thanks to the tight integration of CommandIQ and Calix Support Cloud, CSRs can also help subscribers utilize the new SSID pool management capabilities that enable them to establish multiple, simultaneous networks in their homes. These capabilities allow support teams to better understand how subscribers are using self-service features in CommandIQ to navigate and customize their connected homes. When combined with the analytics and automation built into Calix Support Cloud, these new capabilities help CSRs quickly identify and address subscriber needs. The end result is fewer inbound calls and truck rolls.

By combining Calix Support Cloud with the newly launched GigaSpire® BLAST u6x, BSPs now have the ultimate combination to drive operational simplicity and efficiency. Armed with Calix Support Cloud and the world’s first universal, carrier-class premises system, it is easier than ever for BSPs to achieve results such as 74 percent first call resolution rates and 26 percent reduction in truck rolls. The latest enhancements in Calix Support Cloud and CommandIQ bring better visibility and insights into:

  • Home Network Settings: CSRs now have direct visibility into subscriber settings in My Priorities in ExperienceIQ. This feature of CommandIQ enables CSRs to easily work with subscribers to view or change their device or application prioritization settings.
  • SSID Pool Management: CSRs can help subscribers optimize their home network experience by guiding them in setting up SSIDs for work-from-home or custom wireless networks that are isolated from their primary and guest networks.
  • Wi-Fi Performance: A new Wi-Fi performance dashboard simplifies the process for CSRs to identify and resolve common issues such as signal strength, interference, and channel utilization to reduce inbound calls.

Customer support teams can now access all subscriber insights and view subscriber data in aggregate via the comprehensive dashboard in Calix Support Cloud, enabling them to automate processes and introduce other operational efficiencies to ensure their teams are running at maximum efficiency. To ensure that BSPs leverage all of these capabilities, Calix has enhanced the Premier Customer Success Services offering. The Calix Success team can help customers perform comprehensive analysis of domains such as help desk and ticketing systems operations. As customer success managers help customers uncover and address opportunities for improvement, they will help reduce trouble reports, simplify workflows, and improve first call resolution.

“Visibility is critical to helping our subscribers manage their home networks remotely—a capability that is paramount given the cost and time required to roll trucks across our large service area,” said Ron Wilson, director, network operations center for Oklahoma-based Dobson Fiber. “A single truck roll across some parts of our coverage area can easily take half a day and cost us upwards of $200. Not only has Calix Support Cloud delivered insights that have cut our truck rolls by 60 percent, but the solution has also come with the Customer Success Services team, which was instrumental in achieving that reduction and helping us build the foundation of an unmatched subscriber experience. Calix consistently improves its products, and we look forward to unleashing these new insights of this latest Calix Support Cloud release to make our team run even more efficiently.”

The BSP support function is critical to creating and maintaining loyal subscribers. These Calix Support Cloud enhancements enable CSRs to anticipate support issues and address them proactively before they cause network outages.

“The 21.2 quarterly product release cycle includes numerous enhancements for customer support teams, and they all focus on maximizing the efficiency with which teams help subscribers stay connected,” said Martha Galley, senior vice president, customer engagement and services for Calix. “The new device-level visibility into subscriber networks enables support personnel to anticipate subscriber needs before they even surface and proactively address them, reducing or dramatically shortening support calls—if not outright eliminating them in some cases. With a single pane of glass view, support team leaders can analyze network data and build workflows that are tailored to address the specific needs of their subscribers, while enabling them to self-manage their home networks as much as possible. This makes the CSR-subscriber relationship much more of a partnership than the help desk dynamic that is typical. Keeping subscribers off the phones enables CSRs to focus on proactively elevating the subscriber experience. Not only does a more efficient support team translate to happier subscribers, but it also delivers operational efficiency improvements and exceptional business value for service providers.”

Learn more about Calix solutions and services for customer support teams, and view our recent webinar, “The Data Driven Approach To Transforming Your Customer Support.”

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