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Netanel Semrik, Contento Now: New biographies about the Chinese giants influencing the world have been published

The Chinese Internet giant, Tencent, is at the center of Trump's fight against China in the run-up to the US elections. Netanel Semrik, founder of the publishing house Contento Now, publishes the intriguing flagship books about companies in China, with the aim of understanding why Trump fears it so much and what the Chinese really are. Thinking about their luxury ships in the high-tech world?

China is gaining strength in the global economy in the face of the US withdrawal and the boiling point is near with the upcoming elections of Trump for a second term as US President. The reasons for this are many, as can be seen from two new books which reveal the way in which the Chinese government chooses to tell its story, for the first time in the Hebrew language.

The book about Tencent, the parent company of the WeChat application, outlines the story of entrepreneurship embedded in the past years in the Chinese national DNA, the exploding purchasing power, the challenges of obtaining financial financing and the rapid production capacity. In recent years, with increasing international criticism regarding employment conditions and sweatshops, China has begun to introduce corrective policies with the aim of improving the working conditions of workers in the manufacturing industries in its field.

Two books recently published in Hebrew through the publishing house Contento Now led by Netanel Semrik provide a glimpse of two leading companies, perhaps one of the most important in China: the internet and mobile giant Tencent and the trading giant Alibaba - companies that illustrate the strength of China as a power and the ability of economic initiatives to benefit Noticeably with the Chinese individual, also the one who lives in the USA. WeChat is the only application with which they will communicate with their relatives in China, thus stimulating entrepreneurship among the grassroots. Both books are valuable biographies that are taught in the leading institutes and schools of the global economy.

Netanel Semrik was asked and tells more about the subject:

The Chinese author, Wu Xiuboff, began to publish his book about "Tencent" in the world and now also in Hebrew. "Tencent" is actually China's most important stock, the initiator of the "WeChat" application. How, according to the book, does "Tencent" embody the conduct of a large organization that looks to the future even when the principles of openness and transparency are compromised?

"Confidentiality is the answer in the book. There is no place for history at Tencent, the day-to-day conduct is done through emails - and these are not saved either. Its archive management is broken - if you can say so, there is no documentation of the important meetings, since the absolute majority of Tencent's people are employees technical.

"In the book, China answers three central questions: Why is 'Tencent' the most profitable company in China with the largest number of users? Why is 'Tencent' accused of "copying" (QQ Space as an alternative to MySpace and later to Facebook)? And what is the source of the success of the Chinese Internet - is it due A long learning process or due to a result of traditional culture? Here is a short excerpt from the book, which expands on the subject:

"The Fourth Weapon: A Trial and Error Strategy Compared to the industrial economy characterized by standardization and precision, the fundamental difference in the Internet economy is the rebellion against perfectionism. 'Small steps, iteration, trial and error, rapid activation' are the secret of success for all Internet companies. This requires companies to create a completely different system than that production in research and development, feedback and iteration. In this sense, the performance of "Tencent" is an example."

At the same time, the intriguing book about the Chinese trading giant "The Success of Alibaba" is being published by three authors, Prof. Liu Ying, Keshing Songli Pangro Nai, published by Contento Now - an international publishing house and initiated by Netanel Semrik with one of the main publishing houses in China: CITIC

Independent merchants and enthusiasts already know that Alibaba is the "address" for a wide range of products and competition, which is a platform for a wide variety of small businesses to offer their goods in one place. But 'Alibaba' unites not only local entrepreneurs, but many business partners and intermediaries who use this platform to operate worldwide businesses. Prof. Liu Ying, explains in the fascinating book, that the roots of the success of the Chinese trading giant lie in its history as an entrepreneurial nation.

"If we delve deeper into Alibaba's strategy, which believes that growth can be achieved by encouraging entrepreneurship among the grassroots, we will realize that this is a strategy that has proven itself every day for many years.

Alibaba is actually turning traditional culture upside down by encouraging millions of citizens to go online to start their own businesses. The founder, Jack Ma, started out like these small traders and came on his own to become a symbol for the younger generation.

"This new concept carries a fundamental social message: ordinary people are able to cause the economic takeoff of an entire region thanks to their success in electronic commerce; this book also proves that in today's China, economic reforms are steadily advancing; at the same time, popular innovation generates impressive energies and touches products, sectors and markets are expanding. If she succeeds in persevering with the same vigor, her path is paved for the prosperity to which she aspires, prosperity for the benefit of the largest possible number of people."

"Tencent - The Emergence of the Internet Giant from China" and "The Success of Alibaba, the Commerce Giant from China" were published by the international publishing house Contento Now headed by Netanel Semrik and can be ordered on the Amazon website.

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